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WASTON Femoral Nail System is best suited to fractures in the diaphyseal region, but where necessary, can be used for fractures situated in the region extending from just below the intact lesser trochanter to just above the supracondylar region. The procedure is applicable to any fracture within these boundaries, whatever the degree of comminution.

Product No.Diameter (mm)Length(mm)
Ti Product No.SS Product No.Diameter (mm)Length (mm)
Ti Product No.SS Product No.Diameter(mm)Length(mm)
Product No.Diameter(mm)Length(mm)
Ti Product No.SS Product No.Diameter(mm)Length(mm)
Ti Product No.Diameter(mm)Length(mm)

This type of locking screw offers high stability when used to the fixation of the osteoporotic fracture. Unlike the traditional screws, it can ensure the maximum embedding. Therefore, even the patient who is suffering from osteoporosis can get the strong anti-cutting force.

Product No.Height(mm)
Product No.Diameter(mm)Length(mm)
10624-(026-100)526-60(in 2mm increments)
80-100(in 5mm increments)

The product is designed with the golf stick like tip.

The simplified, flexible nail implantation is applied.

Our product can be cut if necessary.

Ti Product No.SS Product No.Diameter (mm)Length(mm)
10604-(118 ~ 138)20604-(118 ~ 138)9180~380
10604-(218 ~ 238)20604-(218 ~ 238)10
10604-(318 ~ 338)20604-(318 ~ 338)11
10604-(418 ~ 438)20604-(418 ~ 438)12
Ti Product No.SS Product No.Diameter (mm)Length (mm)
Product No.Diameter (mm)Length(mm)
10605-(410~ 428)4.0100/140/180/220/260/280
10605-(510 ~ 528)4.5
Ti Product No.SS Product No.Diameter (mm)Length (mm)
10606-(218~228)20606-(218~ 228)7.5
10606-(318~328)20606-(318~ 328)8
Product No.Diameter(mm)Length(mm)

The ulna and radius universal retrograde intramedullary nail is characterized by easy operation, flexible fixation, and minimally invasive implantation.

Product No.Dia(mm)Length(mm)
10615-(132 ~ 142)L9320/340/360/380/400/420
10615-(232 ~ 242)R
10615-(332 ~ 342)L10
10615-(432 ~ 442)R
Product No.Diameter (mm)Length (mm)
10617-(255~375)8.4255/270/285/ 300/315/330/ 345/360/375

This professional X series GAMMA femoral intramedullary nail has many interlocking choices. It forms the three dimensional locking from all directions. This product offers the stable, reliable fixation.

Product NameProduct No.Diameter (mm)Length (mm)
GAMMA Locking Screw III10633-(065~115)6.465-115
Remark: In 5mm increments.

Intramedullary Nail System

The intramedullary nail system of low profile design provides the treatment for the fracture of lower limb. We have a complete set of instruments for the large bone Loc system. Also, we provide the convenient intramedullary surgical method.

This intramedullary nail system designed by the surgeons, significantly increases the success ratio of the surgery. Also, it makes the surgeries to be simpler, more diversified with the minimum amount of surgical instruments. The low incision surgical technique either reduces the bleeding in the surgery or lowers the infection rate. Besides that, a great variety of intramedullary nails meet the requirements of many cases. And the related instruments are easy to use, further simplifying the surgery.

Main Features
1. The latest anatomical type bending makes the nails much easier to insert.
2. The distal titled locking can help avoid the soft tissue irritation while enhancing the stability of the distal fracture site.
3. Made of the titanium alloy, this product comes with both excellent mechanical and anti-fatigue performances.
4. The nail is marked with different colors according to its diameters. It is extremely easy to distinguish.

Femoral Intramedullary Nail

1. Femoral fractures
2. Subtrochanteric fractures
3. Ipsilateral femoral neck/shaft fractures
4. Pathological fractures
5. Femoral dislocation or nonunion

Supracondylar Intramedullary Nail
1. Fractures of proximal or distal tibia
2. Tibial shaft fractures

1. The stable or unstable intertrochanteric fracture of femur and / or fracture of neck of femur

a. Subtrochanteric fracture
b. Intertrochanteric fracture of femur with the complication of the shaft fracture
c. Subtrochanteric fractures, osteoporosis fractures, as well as proximal or distal malunion, nonunion, and modification

Note: Please refer to the product instructions for the indications, contraindications, precautions, and warnings.

Package and Sterilization Treatment
The product is supplied in the non-sterile package. After originally packed with the paper plastic package, the product will be put into the plastic bag together with the Operation Instructions and the Product Qualification Certificates.

The paper plastic roll bag is used as the inner package. It is compounded from the medical dialysis paper and plastic film. The production environment is controlled with the cleanness of Class 10,000. In the cleaning shop, the package bag is cut according to the product size. Then, its one side will be sealed with the heat-sealing machine. After the bag has been used to contain the product, its other side needs to be sealed with the sealing machine.

The paper plastic, into which the product has been put, will be cleaned in the controlling area where the cleanliness is of Class 10,000. All the cleaning methods have been inspected. The product packed with this method needs no cleaning prior to use. It just needs to be treated with sterilization in accordance with the methods specified in the Product Instructions.

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