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Domestic Sales

In China, WASTON has over 10,000 customers from medical institutions and more than 500 franchisers. Thanks to the outstanding product quality and service, our products are highly appreciated by over 85% of the first-level hospitals and various medical institutions, for example, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Peking University People’s Hospital, Fudan University Zhongshan Hospital, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong General Hospital, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, The Second Hospital of Dalian Medical University, Xijing Hospital, Shandong Provincial Hospital, The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, Nanfang Hospital, etc.

Xijing Hospital
West China Hospital of  Sichuan University
Chinese PLA General Hospital

Beijing Jishuitan Hospital
The Second Hospital of Dalian Medical University
Shandong Provincial Hospital

Relying on the first class quality, WASTON is capable of winning the bidding frequently in the government procurement projects for medical facilities. The government sectors include health clinics, National Medical Rescue Team, Ministry of Health, General Logistics Department, Commerce Department, Provincial Health Department, Population and Family Planning Commission, UN Peacekeeping Force, among others. With the trust from our distinguished customers, WASTON has become one of the most influential brands for medical facilities in the world.

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