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The FHY series disposable linear stapler which delivers two stagger rows of titanium staples, is used for many cases. It has the applications through the alimentary tract. Also, it is used for the transaction and resection of internal tissues in the thoracic surgery.

1. The FHY series reusable linear stapler is economical, and can be resterilized.

2. There are three specifications suitable for different stapler modes 30, 60, 90.

1. Tear Drop Anvil Available. Improved Staple Formation and Staple Line Security, especially in Challenging Applications.

Linear Stapler

The linear stapler could be common type or auto type. It is mainly used for the tissue incision closure in the abdominal surgery, thoracic surgery, and pediatric surgery. This product can be applied to the pneumonectomy and the resection of low rectal, small intestine, colon, etc.

After packed with the blister box and dialyzing paper, each liner stapler will be put into the hard paper box, in which the Operation Instructions and Inspection Certificate should also be placed. Finally, our product will be packed with the corrugated carton, with an attempt to avoid the possible damage during the normal transportation and storage.

After having packed, the product will be then treated with the irradiation sterilization. Under the normal storage conditions, the validity period will be two years since the date of sterilization.

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